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Certificate in Climate Risk

Gain the knowledge to lead positive change. Applications are now open for the Autumn/Winter semester.

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Our Programmes

Gaining a professional qualification is one of the best moves you can make to advance in the insurance industry, enhancing your prospects, broadening your options and growing your knowledge and confidence to advise customers.

Entry Level

Certificate in Product Advice (APA)

The entry-level qualification on our framework that gives you the foundations to build a successful and rewarding career in insurance.

  • Award: Certificate in Insurance Product Advice (NFQ Level 7)
  • Designation: APA
  • Modules: 3
  • Semesters Start: February, June and September (Exam Dates)
  • Semester Duration: 12 weeks
  • Delivery: Online
€360  Per module  +  membership fee
Applications Open
Intermediate Level

Certificate in Insurance Practice (CIP)

If you already hold an APA, the CIP is the next move to advance your career, broadening your product knowledge and career mobility.

  • Award: Certificate in Insurance Practice (NFQ Level 7)
  • Designation: CIP
  • Modules: 6
  • Semesters Start: February, June and September (Exam Dates)
  • Semester Duration: 12 weeks
  • Delivery: Online
€360  Per module  +  membership fee
Applications Open
Advanced Level

Higher Diploma in Insurance Management (MDI)

Our advanced, professional qualification aims to enhance your technical knowledge and support you develop key management skills.                                     

  • Award: Higher Diploma in Insurance Management (NFQ Level 8)
  • Designation: MDI
  • Modules: 5
  • Semester Start: June and December (Exam Dates)
  • Semester Duration: 18 to 21 weeks
  • Delivery: Online
€585  Per module  +  membership fee
Applications Open

Career Pathway

The Insurance Institute has programmes to suit each stage of your career, designed to help develop the skills you need now and into the future.

Programme Career Pathway
    Step 1

    Certificate in Insurance Product Advice (APA)

    The entry-level qualification that helps you learn more about insurance and gives you the foundation to build a successful career in insurance.

    Step 2

    Certificate in Insurance Practice (CIP)

    If you already hold an APA, the CIP designation will equip you to do more and grow your career by broadening your product and industry knowledge.

    Step 3

    Higher Diploma in Insurance Management (MDI)

    Grow in confidence with our advanced, professional qualification that helps you achieve more, by enhancing your technical insurance knowledge and developing key management skills, such as critical thinking, report writing, researching and problem-solving.

Joan Jackson testimonial for The Insurance Institute
Insurance is so diverse and certainly not just an office-bound job. With a positive attitude to learning something and the opportunities that prevail, anybody entering this sector can build an exciting career and never look back. ‒ Joan Jackson Specialist Risk Consultant and Managing Director / Geo Wild
Michael Corrigan testimonial for The Insurance Institute
The industry is complex and so, one needs relevant educational training and qualifications to provide one with the required knowledge to do one's job properly – therefore if I can do anything to promote and encourage insurance professionals to invest in their education I will. ‒ Michael Corrigan Managing Director / Corrigan & Corrigan Solicitors
Marie testimonial for The Insurance Institute
Insurance is a hugely rewarding industry to work in – you are providing people with a much needed service that enhances their lives and brings them peace of mind. You’re delivering a promise to your clients and you always want to help them in any way you can. ‒ Marie C. Client Services Executive


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The Member Area is where you can manage CPD compliance and grow your technical knowledge by engaging with an array of CPD eLearning, study supports and other exclusive learning resources.

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Avail of the Institute's extensive live and online CPD offering, developed by local and international experts to help keep members knowledge up to date.

Local Institute networks

Be part of a Local Institute of like-minded professionals and grow together through local networking, educational and social events.

Dedicated Member Services team

The Institute Member Services team are on hand to answer qualification, exam, CPD or general queries and are accessible by phone or email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The insurance industry offers a wide range of careers across various sectors. Some of the common career options in the insurance industry include:

    • Insurance Agent/Broker
    • Underwriter
    • Claims Adjuster/Claims Examiner
    • Risk Manager
    • Insurance Technology Specialist

    Whether you have a background in finance, law, sales, data analysis, or customer service, there is a career path for you in the insurance sector.

  • General (non-life) Insurance

    General Insurance consists of Personal Insurance, Commercial Insurance and Private Medical and Associated Insurances. Below are a few products available in this sector. 

    • Motor: protects you as a motorist against liability in the event of an accident that you may cause.
    • Household: is made up of two parts, building insurance and contents insurance.
    • Travel: protects you from a wide range of risks when you travel. Some include: flight cancellation, emergency medical treatment, theft, lost passport and more.
    • Private Medical: is a type of insurance coverage that individuals or companies can purchase to help cover the cost of private healthcare services. 

    Life Assurance

    Life Assurance companies provide different types of life assurance and pension policies to meet clients’ financial needs. The roles assurance companies play include the drafting development and management of:

    • Life assurance policies
    • Income protection policies
    • Serious illness policies
    • Savings plans
    • Life assurance companies also provide financial planning services for clients.
  • Working in the insurance industry requires a diverse set of skills and abilities to effectively manage various aspects of the business. Here are some key skills that are often sought after in individuals working in the insurance industry:

    • Customer service: Insurance is a customer-centric industry. Good customer service skills help build trust and rapport with clients, address their concerns, and provide solutions to their insurance needs.
    • Communication skills: Strong communication skills are essential for interacting with clients, explaining policies, negotiating terms, and working within teams
    • Analytical skills: Insurance professionals need to analyze data, assess risks, and make informed decisions.
    • Attention to detail: Attention to detail helps prevent errors in policy documentation, ensures accurate coverage, and facilitates proper claims processing.
    • Problem-solving: Effective problem-solving skills are essential for assessing risks, handling claims, and finding solutions to challenges that arise.
    • Sales and marketing: For those in sales and marketing roles, the ability to identify leads, build relationships, and effectively market insurance products is essential for driving business growth.
    • Teamwork: Many roles in the insurance industry involve collaboration with colleagues, underwriters, legal teams, and others.
  • If you're new to the insurance industry, your first step is to become a member of The Insurance Institute and once approved, you can register for the Certificate in Insurance Product Advice (APA) programme

    If you have completed courses and qualifications in the past that may have contained content relevant to some of our qualifications, you could be entitled to an exemption.

    If you think you might be entitled to an exemption please contact our Member Services team before applying for any exams. 

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