Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship
Recruitment for September 2024 Intake Open

Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship

A three-year, work-based training programme combining academics with on-the-job learning, allowing apprentices to acquire both technical and soft skills.

Become an apprentice

The apprenticeship programme is designed for school leavers, new graduates, and career-changers who meet the entry requirements and want to build a new career in the general or life insurance industry.

How do I apply?

Have a look at our step-by-step guide to applying

Step-by-step guide

When does the next programme begin?

Although employers can start hiring apprentices as early as the Spring, the next apprentices will officially start the academic programme in September.


What will I learn?

Key business communication and collaboration skills, technical insurance skills by completing the APA, CIP or QFA qualifications, and skills in emerging areas such as big data and e-business.


Do I need any experience or qualifications to sign up?

Entry requires a minimum of 2 honours at a higher level in the Leaving Cert or equivalent, with a pass in four additional subjects, including Maths and English or Irish. If over 23, interviews or other selection tools may replace these minimum requirements. No work experience is necessary, and the minimum age for programme entry is 18.

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When you finish your apprenticeship, you'll have three year's work experience behind you, and a degree and a professional qualification. This foundation will accelerate your career in the insurance industry or whatever avenue you wish to explore professionally in the future. ‒ Cian D. Apprenticeship Graduate
When I was looking at college courses, nothing really stood out, I couldn’t visualise what I would be doing after those courses had ended. When I was researching the apprenticeship, I got really excited as you get a sense of the real working world and what it entails. I think it is a great learning experience and really helps prepare us for our future careers in the industry. ‒ Aloise Robinson Apprenticeship Graduate, NFP (Aiken Insurance)

Hire an apprentice

The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship is an exciting and proven way for employers to develop talent for their company and the insurance industry.

How can I start the process of taking on an apprentice?

Please contact the apprenticeship team who will talk you through the process and advise of the role and responsibility of the employer.

Contact Naomi our Apprenticeship Support Manager

What qualification will my apprentice get?

This BA Hons degree program holds a Level 8 classification on the NFQ by QQI. Apprentices, upon successful completion of the 3-year programme, will attain this award. During the initial two years, a general insurance apprentice will earn their APA and CIP designations, both Level 7, aligning with the Central Bank Minimum Competency Code (MCC) 2017.

Where should I advertise my apprenticeship placement?

The Insurance Institute will host your advertisement on and in addition, will issue it by email to the pool of potential apprentices.

Is there a cost associated with taking on an apprentice?

There is no cost to employers wishing to take part. Training is fully funded by the government and student fees are significantly reduced (€600 per annum) and payable by the apprentice.

The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship has proved to be a successful recruitment method. It is a unique and specialised opportunity and enables our organisation to attract strong, focused and committed candidates who value working in the insurance industry and are motivated and committed to a future within this area, which is essential given our current climate and market. ‒ Simon Murphy Learning and Development Manager, Sedgwick
Never before has a training programme managed to successfully marry professional education with the skills needed for the industry. The apprenticeship is ensuring the industry is prepared for the future, while at the same time offering the apprentices themselves a unique opportunity for an exciting and interesting career. ‒ Joanne Keane CEO, LIA
One considerable advantage apprentices have over employees hired straight out of college, is that they have worked in an insurance environment for the duration of their study, picking up the correct terminology, building relationships and generally understanding how the business works. ‒ Dr. Marc Sweeney Training and Quality, Thornton Group

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