We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with password resets. We are working to resolve this and apologise for any inconvenience caused. In the meantime, our Member Services team is available to reset passwords - 01 645 6670 or memberservices@iii.ie.

Contact Us

You'll find us at:

Insurance Centre, 5 Harbourmaster Place, IFSC, Dublin 1, D01 E7E8.
T 01 645 6600 E info@iii.ie 

Opening hours 

Monday to Friday: 9:00am–5:00pm 
Our offices remain open during lunch for convenience to members. 

Meet the team

Member Services

Member Services can help with any queries regarding qualifications, exams, CPD and your membership. Call us on 01 645 6670 or send us your question via the form below.


The Accreditation Manager can help with queries regarding accreditation of events and activities for CPD.
T 01 645 6670  E cpdaccreditations@iii.ie


The Events team, in association with our Local Institutes, organise a wide range of activities throughout the country, from our ever expanding CPD programme to the highly successful annual charity events. 
T 01 645 6666  E events@iii.ie

Feedback and Complaints

Please note that The Insurance Institute is a professional body offering educational services to its members. If your complaint relates to an issue you are experiencing with your insurance provider, please contact Insurance Ireland for assistance.

If you have cause to make a formal complaint please fill provide your contact details and an overview of your complaint in the form below. 

Formal complaints procedure

As part of our commitment to maintaining high levels of professional customer service, we have a thorough complaints investigation system in place to ensure complaints are dealt with promptly and completely.

To learn more about how we deal with complaints, click here to view our Formal Complaints procedure.  

Commitment to Members

  • Commitment to members

    Please note that The Insurance Institute is a professional body offering educational services to its members. If your complaint relates to an issue you are experiencing with your insurance provider, please contact Insurance Ireland for assistance.

    The Insurance Institute is committed to providing a quality service for its members and working in an open and accountable manner to maintain the trust and respect of all its stakeholders.


    An ethos of customer care drives all of our activities and so we undertake to honour the following principles:


    • The rights of equal treatment established by equality legislation are adhered to.
    • Sensitivity to age, disability and capacity to understand often complex rules is ensured.
    • Rules while important are not applied so rigidly as to create inequity.

    Physical Access 

    • Provide clean, accessible public offices that ensure privacy, comply with occupational and safety standards and, as part of this, facilitate access for disabled people and others with specific needs.


    • An active approach to providing information is taken.
    • Information is clear, timely and accurate.
    • Information is available at all points of contact and meets the requirements of members.


    • Deliver quality services with courtesy, sensitivity and minimum delay.
    • Give contact names in all communications to ensure ease of ongoing transactions.


    • We recognise that there may be occasions when the system does not function as well as we would hope.
    • An open, simple to use and confidential system for customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of services or who may wish to suggest improvements is available.
  • Promises

    We endeavour to:


    • Answer quickly and courteously.
    • Provide the information required in a helpful manner.
    • Deal with the enquiry without passing the call to another extension where possible.
    • Take the enquiry and telephone number and call or write back if the enquiry cannot be answered quickly.
    • Give contact names in all telephone communications to ensure ease of ongoing transactions.
    • Ensure the call forwarding system is used when people are absent.

    Visitors to our offices

    • Deal with enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    • Respect clients privacy and provide private space where and if necessary.
    • Keep our offices safe, clean, and accessible.

    Letters and emails

    • Write as clearly as possible.
    • Only use technical terms where absolutely necessary.
    • Ensure that all letters carry a contact name, telephone number and a reference, if relevant.

    Forms, leaflets and other published materials

    • Use simple and clear language.
    • Give precise explanations.
    • Make published material of all kinds freely available, including online.


    • Make application forms available in electronic format on an ongoing basis;
    • Make a decision as quickly as possible on receipt of a valid application;
    • Deal with applications consistently and impartially in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations.

    Courtesy and Consideration

    Whether your business is conducted in person, by telephone or correspondence, we acknowledge that at all times you are entitled to:

    • a prompt and courteous service;
    • sensitivity to your privacy and confidentiality;
    • interaction with friendly and helpful staff,