Continuing Professional Development (CPD) enhances your skills and knowledge, gives you the opportunity to network and ultimately, helps to protect customers.

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We engage the best industry experts to deliver CPD covering everything from ethics and regulatory updates, through to technology trends, data protection, and technical advancements.

Innovating from the Outside In: Customer-Centric Insurance Innovation

In this session we will discuss the importance of customer centricity in insurance innovation and digitalisation, focusing on customer pains, gains, and needs and how we can better understand them. 

  • Type: Webinar
  • Date/Time: 25 July, 1pm
  • Speaker: Gary Leyden (Instech) 
  • CPD Hours: 1 hour
  • CPD Categories: 4, 5, 6

Tea Time Express Webinar: 2024: Impact of the Economy on the Insurance World

Like all businesses, the Insurance world is impacted by a wide range of economic factors that are constantly changing and evolving. Many of these may not be immediately obvious but nevertheless, they have a very significant impact on both Insurance companies and of course Insurance Consumers. 

  • Type: Webinar
  • Date/Time: 29 July, 5:15pm
  • Speaker: Mark Thornburgh
  • CPD Hours: 30 mins
  • CPD Categories: 4, 5, 6

CPD Essentials Refresher Path

This course covers dispute resolution, ethics, fitness & probity, insurable risks, insurance cycle, legal requirements, and market insights.

  • Type: eLearning
  • CPD Hours: 4 hours
  • CPD Categories: 1-8, A, U, C (3 hrs) & Ethics (1 hr)

Ethics in Insurance

This course covers the definition of ethics, morals, and values; an outline of business ethics; how to differentiate financial services from other goods; describe ethical principles for financial practitioners; and explain statutory and non-statutory codes.

  • Type: eLearning
  • CPD Hours:  1 hour
  • CPD Categories: Ethics

Data Protection in Ireland

This course comprises of three parts that will provide an overview of data protection in Ireland.

  • Type: eLearning
  • CPD Hours: 1.5 hours
  • CPD Categories: 1-8, A, U, C

What we offer

As our member, you can rest assured that we’re here to help you remain compliant with the Central Bank of Ireland requirements.

Accessible CPD Content

Our CPD content is suited to all levels and requirements and covers everything from ethics and regulatory updates, through to technology trends, data protection, and technical advancements.

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CPD Accreditation

We accredit content for a variety of designations and qualifications, as well as the Retail Product Categories set out in the Minimum Competency Code (MCC).

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Record your CPD

As our member, you have access to our online CPD recording system, allowing you to record details of completed CPD, track your progress towards achieving your annual CPD requirement, and record proof of non-Institute CPD completed along with submitting your end-of-year CPD return.

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Register of Compliant Persons

As required by the Central Bank of Ireland's Minimum Competency Code (MCC), we maintain a register of members who hold a range of designations. Grandfathered members accredited based on their experience and compliance with the requirements of the MCC are also listed on this register.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements vary based on your profession, country, and affiliated professional bodies. Each body has its own set of CPD requirements to keep members updated and competent. Check official websites or contact the bodies directly to know your specific obligations. CPD activities may include attending events, courses, projects, or publishing articles. Keep track of your CPD activities and maintain records for potential audits.

  • If you are subject to CPD requirements at the time you sit the exam, each successfully completed APA or CIP exam equates to 8 hours of CPD. This will be automatically added to your record once ratified results have been released.

  • If you wish to maintain your designation during your time abroad, then you must continue to adhere to your CPD requirements and continue your membership with us. Luckily, we have a wide range of CPD eLearning online, which makes holding on to your designation while you're away that bit easier.

    If you choose not to maintain your designation and wish to have it reinstated at a later date, you will have to pay a reinstatement fee and will need to complete a block of CPD and/or an exam to do so. If you'd like to discuss your options, please contact our Member Services team on or 01 645 6670.

  • It all depends on when in the year you pass your last exam.

    If you're a new graduate awarded a designation (e.g. APA) following a January or May exam, you are subject to the following requirements for that calendar year.


    You will need to complete 4 hours of CPD. This includes 1 hour of ethics and 1 hour per specified function fulfilled.


    If your last exam was in September or November, your CPD requirement will begin in January the following year.


    If you hold an ACII/FCII designation by the CII you will need to check the CPD requirements that apply on the CII website.

  • If you do not submit or complete a full CPD return by 31 December contact the Member Services team on or 01 645 6670 to discuss the next steps.

    Here are some of the ways you might fail to meet your CPD requirement and the possible actions that may result under the Central Bank's MCC:

    You forgot to press 'Submit Annual Return' through the CPD compliance system

    This applies where a you've completed your annual CPD requirement in full, but did not click the ‘Submit Annual Return’ button. To rectify this, you need to access your online CPD portfolio, and press ‘Submit Annual Return’ by 31 January.

    You did not complete all CPD hours by 31 December

    In this instance, you must make up the shortfall within a grace period that extends to 31 December of the following year. In practice this means that by 31 December of the following year you must have that year’s CPD and the previous year’s shortfall completed and submitted. If this is the first time you did not complete your CPD on time a warning under the ‘five year shortfall rule’ will be applied to your record and your employer will be informed. If you do not complete your CPD for a second time within a five year period you are at risk of losing your professional designation

  • If you are a Qualified or Grandfathered Person and are not providing financial advice during a defined period, you may be entitled to a pro rata reduction in the required number of CPD hours for any given year.

    You can request a pro rata adjustment in the following circumstances:

    • statutory maternity leave
    • statutory adoption leave
    • statutory block parental leave

    Pro rata adjustments are not granted in the following situations:

    • part-time work/job-sharing
    • holidays (including when taken immediately prior to or following maternity/adoption/parental/carer’s leave)

    If you wish to apply for a pro rata adjustment, download and complete the 'application for pro-rata adjustment of CPD hours' form and email it to the Member Services team at We will then be in touch to let you know if your application is approved.

  • The following reinstatement rules apply if your membership has lapsed or you have lost your designation due to non-compliance.

    Qualified Members (i.e. holders of APA, CIP, MDI, Dip L.A, CDip L.A, Dip PMI, DLA,
    DLDU and DLDC designations)

    In order to have your designation reinstated you'll need to pay membership, reinstatement and/or exam fees. Call us on 01 645 6670 for further information.

    You'll also need to:

    undertake and pass an exam, which will be specified by The Insurance Institute.


    complete any shortfall in CPD hours (in addition to the requirements for the year of reinstatement).

    Your designation will be reinstated once you have completed your CPD deficit.

    Grandfathered Persons

    If your Grandfathered status has been suspended due to non-compliance, contact us on 01 645 6670 or

    Learn more in the CPD Rules, available to download in your Member Area.

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