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Additional APA designations

We have arrangements with The Institute of Banking (IoB) and LIA, which allow our members to easily achieve multiple APA designations across various areas of the industry – such as life assurance and pensions. You can do this without having to hold multiple memberships with various bodies.

  • You hold an APA in Personal General Insurance and you're a member of The Insurance Institute. 
  • You want an APA in Life Assurance.
  • You need to sit the QFA Life Assurance module and apply through the Life Insurance Association.
  • When you have completed QFA Life Assurance, you provide your LIA learning statement to The Insurance Institute who will award you the APA (Life Assurance) designation.


  • You hold an APA in Pensions and you're a member of the IoB or LIA.
  • You want an APA in Personal General Insurance.
  • You need to sit CIP-01: The Nature of Insurance and CIP-03: Personal General Insurance and apply through The Insurance Institute.
  • You will need to provide the Institute with your IoB/LIA learning statement.
  • On completion of the above modules, you provide your Insurance Institute learning statement to your membership body which will then award you the APA (Personal General Insurance) designation.
  • If you are a QFA holder, you do not need to sit CIP-01. Apply here.
  • If you hold an APA in a Life qualification, Apply here.


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