Register of Compliant Persons

As required by the Central Bank's MCC, we maintain a register of members who hold a range of designations. Grandfathered members accredited based on their experience and compliance with the requirements of the MCC are also listed on this register.

Using the Register

Once a member gains entitlement to one of our professional designations and accepts our designation offer, their name is added to the register of compliant persons.

Members are then required to comply with all requirements to maintain that designation or risk removal from this register.

Employers may use this register to verify an employee’s credentials, or customers can search it for reassurance that they are dealing with a qualified and competent professional.

Search Tips

  • Enter the full name of the person you are searching for.
  • Last names containing 'Mc' or 'Mac' may be recorded with a space afterwards, so check both (e.g. McDonnell or Mc Donnell)
  • Last names beginning with 'O' may be recorded with an apostrophe afterwards or a space after, so check both (e.g. O'Connor or O Connor)
  • First names may be recorded as the full name e.g. Paddy might be stored as Patrick.
  • Try searching for both maiden and married names.

CII Qualifications

Associateship (ACII) and Fellowship (FCII) qualifications are awarded by The Chartered Insurance Institute and so we do not list holders of these qualifications on our register.

To search for ACII or FCII qualified professionals, please visit the CII website.

ACII and FCII holders are recognised by the Central Bank of Ireland as accredited in Personal, Commercial and Private Medical Insurance.


The Insurance Institute maintains the register of compliant persons as is required by the Central Bank of Ireland. The Insurance Institute does not guarantee that all members are listed on the register of compliant persons. The person you are searching for may be on statutory leave, have lapsed their membership or have opted out of being on this register. If you wish to opt out, please email us at


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