ARIS – the Association of Retired Insurance Staff

ARIS was founded by Ray Fitzgerald and other former colleagues on 'the Mall' following a well attended meeting at The Imperial Hotel on 2 October, 1981. Ray, a member and lifelong supporter of The Insurance Institute of Cork, wanted to ensure that old contacts and friendships were not lost.

ARIS was founded, and remains under, the auspices of The Insurance Institute of Cork.

You can visit the ARIS website at to find out about past and future events or check out the ARIS Times newsletter.


To provide a structured forum whereby former insurance colleagues and their spouses can meet and catch up in a friendly and convivial atmosphere, where contact is the key.


ARIS members meet as follows:

11:00 am on the first Thursday of every month at Douglas Golf Club

  • Except: May, June, July and August when outings are arranged.
  • Golf: Two golf outings are held annually in May and September

Full programme details are available by visiting the Activities and Events page of the ARIS website here or by downloading the ARIS Times newsletter. 


ARIS members are very strong supporters of the Annual Charities Lunch organised by The Insurance Institute of Cork. This lunch takes place annually on the Friday of the October Bank Holiday.

Joining ARIS

ARIS always welcome new members.  We would be delighted to hear from all former insurance colleagues – Life, General, Brokers and Loss Adjusters – and their spouses.  Joining is easy and the forms are simple.  If you are interested:

  • Call to one of our meetings at Douglas Golf Club
  • Email
  • Contact any member of the Membership Committee

ARIS acknowledges and appreciates the ongoing financial and technical support provided by The Insurance Institute in addition to the sponsorship we receive from local insurers, brokers, loss adjusters and assessors.