Study Supports

Balancing study with a busy work and personal life is tricky, so we offer a range of online and face to face study supports to help you plan your time, get the material covered and feel confident on exam day. 

Additional assistance

We are dedicated to providing you with every opportunity for exam success and professional development. We can facilitate additional supports you may need throughout the semester and on exam day. Supports are available for a variety of conditions. Please contact to discuss any additional assistance you may require. 

Study Supports

  • Quitch

    Quitch is a free to download mobile e-learning app that helps students engage better with content, improves retention and boosts exam performance.

  • Textbooks

    Your module bible. All of the questions asked in your exam will be based on the content of this book. Want to study on the go? You can download an e-book or audiobook version.

  • Learning plans

    These provide revision schedules broken down week-by-week to help you manage your time. They also feature suggested exam timings and advice arising from common mistakes. 

  • Key Points

    Used in conjunction with your textbook, these are great revision aids and contain the main points from each chapter. 

  • Mocks and sample papers

    Taking mocks or sample exam papers are one of the best ways to prepare for your exam. Mocks are available for MCQ exams and sample papers are for written exams

  • Lectures

    We provide live, online lectures for each module. You'll receive details once you register for your module.

  • Other supports

    These include:

    • Syllabus
    • Exam countdown timer
    • Glossaries
    • Examiner feedback reports