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Our qualifications involve a range of assessment methods, which vary depending on their level and subject matter.

Exam Preparation

Before registering for an exam, read our exam preparation list to ensure you are aware of what you need to do before, during and after your exam.

  • Before registering for an exam, read our exam regulations to ensure you are aware of all terms and conditions.

    Breach of exam regulations

    We may take disciplinary action against any student found guilty of dishonourable or unprofessional conduct or of committing a breach of Examination Regulations. Penalties may be imposed for falsification of documents or malpractice before, during or after exams.

  • Whether it is before your exam, as part of the technical setup process, or on the exam day itself, we understand how frustrating and upsetting technical issues can be. That’s why our partnership with TestReach means that you will always be able to contact the right person to resolve your issue, quickly and effectively.

    We advise students to pay particular attention to their email communications from us and TestReach during this time. This will make sure you are always contacting the best person to help you at every stage. 


    +353 (1) 699 1385 or email

    Member Services

    01 645 6600 or email

  • As with all exams, preparation is the key to success. You must familiarise yourself with the online exam day process, download the TestReach app as soon as it is made available to you and take steps to prepare the IT equipment you will be using well ahead of the exam date. This is particularly important for those sitting exams on company equipment as you may require additional support from your IT Department to facilitate this.

    It is also essential that you make sure that your member record is up to date to facilitate communication with you throughout this process and to ensure that your identification checks can be completed on the day as your photo ID name must match that on your record.

  • It is so important that you check your IT Equipment before the exam day and that you run all of these checks on the equipment you intend to use on the day.

    Any students using a company laptop or device, please note that you may need permission from your IT Department to download the TestReach app or to run the TestReach systems check. We strongly recommend that all students complete this action ahead of the exam day and also make your IT Department aware of the systems requirements should further work be needed to facilitate your request.

    If using your own device, we still recommend you engage with the checks ahead of the day particularly the systems check.

    If you experience any difficulty downloading the app or accessing your TestReach account once set up, you can contact TestReach at +353 (1) 699 1385 or email

  • At this stage you will have downloaded the TestReach App onto the computer/laptop you are using on the day and logged in to the App, set up your user account and run all of the systems checks necessary.

    To make sure that you are exam day ready, once your time slot is booked, we ask all students to familiarise themselves with the online exam environment and to read the exam regulations document (relevant for the exam you are sitting) to make sure you understand everything or seek clarity where necessary.

  • There are many ways in which the team at the Institute can help and support members after their exam both ahead of and after results are released.

    For information about the dates results will be available for your recent exam sitting, you can visit our key semester dates page. To find out more about pass rates, the results process and post results options, log into the Member Area or contact our Member Services team

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