Study Supports

Study Supports

We recognise that it can be tricky to balance study with a busy work and personal life so we offer a range of online and face to face study supports to help you plan your time, get the material covered and feel confident on exam day. 


Your module bible. All of the questions asked in your exam will be based on the content of this book. To make sure that you're working from the most up to date version, check the validity period on the inside cover of your textbook.

Once you've registered, textbooks are delivered by courier within ten working days to the address you supplied at registration. 

For any textbook related queries, please contact our Member Services team on 01 645 6670 or

Learning plans

These provide revision schedules broken down week-by-week to help you manage your time. They also feature a breakdown of key words and how they’re used to frame exam questions, as well as suggested exam timings and advice arising from common mistakes – view sample pages

Online supports

A wide range of online supports are available in our Member Area. Whether you want to watch webinars in your lunch break or test your progress on your commute, these supports allow you the flexibility to study when it suits your schedule.

Supports include:

  • learning plan and syllabus 
  • study planner
  • webinars (including advice on exam preparation)
  • mock exams (MCQ exams only)
  • past papers
  • e-books and audiobooks
  • podcasts


Held in advance of each exam, these sessions are designed and delivered by experienced lecturers and industry practitioners, who share their expertise. 

Format and dates of lectures are provided upon registration.

Additional Assistance (e.g. for those with learning difficulties, disabilities etc.)

We are dedicated to providing you with every opportunity for exam success and professional development. If you have a learning difficulty or a disability, we are here to facilitate you by providing additional supports throughout the semester and on exam day.

Additional supports are available for students with the following disabilities or learning difficulties:

  • Dyslexia (see the Adult Dyslexia Checklist)
  • Blind or partially sighted
  • Registered disabled or certified as temporarily disabled
  • Mental health condition
  • Significant ongoing illness
  • Serious injury
  • Other acknowledged disabilities.

All requests for supports are dealt with on a case by case basis.

If you would like to find out more about applying for additional learning and exam support, please get in touch with our Client Support Manager, Naomi Gaffney, who will work with you to better understand your requirements. You can call Naomi on 01 645 6629 or

How do I apply for additional support?

  • Your first step is to complete the application form and return it to Naomi at, together with medical evidence or an educational assessment. Further information on verification of disabilities can be found in the application terms and conditions. In the interest of fairness, applications without medical evidence cannot be considered.
  • Naomi will then contact you to discuss the most appropriate supports for you.

It is important to get in touch with us as soon as you register for your exam so that we can ensure all supports are in place as you begin your study. All applications are dealt with on a strictly confidential basis.

What additional supports are available?

Additional time – for example:

  • if you are taking medication (e.g. for diabetes or epilepsy)
  • pregnancy
  • if you are recovering from an operation or serious injury.

An extra 15 minutes is allowed for each hour (or part thereof) of the exam. So, for a two-hour exam, an extra 30 minutes is allowed.

  • Computers – If you'd prefer to complete a written exam on a computer, a laptop will be provided. A combination of written and typed answers is also possible.
  • Reader/scribe – Additional time of 15 minutes per hour (or part thereof) and a separate venue will be provided when using a reader/scribe.
  • Alternative exam paper format – Exam papers with larger font or printed on coloured paper are available if you have impaired sight. If you have a hearing difficulty, a printed version of invigilator announcements is available.
  • Alternative venue – Where appropriate (e.g. where students need more exam time), and depending on your requirements, you may take your exam in a separate room.

Application form and terms & conditions – Download