Results for all exams whether multiple choice or written, must be ratified by an exam board. Please note that results are released online only though the Member Area.

Unfortunately, results cannot be issued by phone, email, fax or in person. 

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All exams are marked on a pass/fail basis. You can access your results and the percentage achieved by logging into our Member Area.

If you pass your exam, you can apply for your next module immediately. If unsuccessful, you can apply for a repeat exam once ratified results have been issued, unless you intend applying for a review or recheck.

Feedback reports

In an effort to assist you if you are unsuccessful in our exams, we provide you with a feedback report with results to highlight where marks were lost. Feedback reports are available in the Member Area (iiiConnect) on the day results are released.

If you pass your exam, you will not get a feedback report.

Rechecks and Reviews

Applying for a recheck
Rechecks apply to MCQ modules only. To apply for a recheck please submit a written Recheck Request Form together with the recheck fee of €35, to arrive no later than ten working days after the date on which the results are first published. In the event of a recheck resulting in an upward revision of marks, this fee is refundable.

A recheck includes a verification of examination materials confirming that:

  • The correct candidate number has been assigned to the student’s examination materials.
  • All sections of the examination materials have been marked.
  • Those marks have been combined accurately in arriving at the final examination mark.

Full details on exam rechecks are available in our Examination Regulations 

Applying for a review
Reviews apply to written modules only. To apply for a review you must submit a written request specifying the grounds and detailing the element(s) of the exam where the review is sought and any other information the student wishes to have taken into account. In addition you must complete and submit a Review Request Form.

The request must be received no later than ten working days after the date on which ratified examination results are first published. 

A review means the reconsideration by the examiner of all or part of the existing exam material. The examiner will provide a detailed report on the student’s written exam script indicating, by subpart of each question, where the student lost marks in relation to the marking scheme.

Reviews are subject to a fee of €65. In the event of the review resulting in an upward revision of marks, this fee is refundable. 

Full details on exam reviews are available in our Examination Regulations