Here are some of the questions we regularly hear from members in the run up to exams. 

If you have a question, give us a call on 01 645 6670 or email memberservices@iii.ie

Exams: Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't make it to my exam. Can I defer to the next sitting?

    Exam registrations cannot be deferred from one exam sitting to another. If you are unable to sit your exam, you will need to re-apply for the next available exam sitting and pay the appropriate fee.


    In the event of certifiable illness, you'll need to re-register for the next available exam sitting. A re-registration fee of €90 per module applies.

    You need to provide us with an original medical certificate and/or supporting documentation together with the re-registration fee within ten working days of the date of the original exam.

    Extenuating Circumstances

    In the event of absence from an exam due to the death/serious illness of a direct family member, you will be required to re-register for the exam and to provide us with supporting documentation, together with the re-registration fee within ten working days of the date of the original exam.

    In these circumstances the waiving of the re-registration fee is at our discretion.


    Once you have registered for an exam, while the registration may be cancelled, the registration fee will not be refunded.

  • When and where is my exam?

    These sections of our website will help:

    Key dates

    Exam venues

  • Can I change exam venue?

    You can change your venue up to 14 days before your exam. Learn more

  • Are there any supports for students with adapted needs?
  • What's an exam permit and where can I find it?

    Your permit allows you entry to the exam hall and is available 2–3 weeks prior to the exam.

    Your permit details the exam date, time and venue and you can download it through the Member Area.

    On exam day you must present:

    • Your exam permit
    • photographic identification in the form of your Insurance Institute membership card (with photo), a valid passport or driving licence

    If you're unable to present one or both of these items, you may not be permitted to sit the exam.

  • Do I have the correct and most recent textbook?

    We update our textbooks regularly. Please make sure you are working from the most up to date version.

    The period of validity of each textbook is printed on the inside cover of the textbook itself, so you can check whether you have the most up to date version.