Exam Day Checklist

It's natural to feel a little nervous on exam day, but ensuring that you're well prepared helps to minimise these feelings and lets you focus on the job at hand. 

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Exam Preparation Tips

What to bring on the day

  • Exam permit
  • Photo ID – Insurance Institute membership card (with photo – membership cards without photos cannot be accepted), a valid passport, or a driving licence
  • Pen and pencil
  • Eraser 
  • Non-programmable calculator

Your exam permit and photo ID are essential, as without them you may not be permitted to sit the exam.

Sitting an exam in January 2020?

Information on permits and exam day arrangements is available to download here.

You can also access detailed exam preparation webinars, including tips for improving your timing and exam technique through Connect in the Member Area. 


Two to three weeks before your exam, your permit is available to download in the Member Area. Each permit details your exam date, time and venue of your exam. You will need to download a separate permit for each exam you are sitting.

Check that the details on your permit match your exam registration (i.e. module and venue) and if there are any discrepancies please contact us straight away on memberservices@iii.ie or 01 645 6670.

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