The Conscious Cup Campaign

Aiming to reduce and eventually eliminate single use cups in Ireland

Use your reusable cup at participating Cafés and receive a discount or incentive

The offer/partnership

Bonus is delighted to bring you something new. We're teaming up with the Conscious Cup Campaign to support their efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate single use cups in Ireland. 

How does it work?

  • Bring your Insurance Institute Keep Cup (or any other reusable cup) to one of the participating cafes/outlets countrywide
  • Grab a discount or incentive for using your reusable cup

To check out where you can use your cup, click the 'Participating Cafés' button.  Don't have a reusable cup? Contact us today to grab one of our Insurance Institute Keep Cups before our stocks run out.


Conscious Cup Campaign

The Conscious Cup Campaign is an initiative founded by a group of concerned individuals who seek to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of disposable cups in Ireland. The campaign hopes to increase the use of reusable cups, by encouraging cafes and other outlets to incentivise this through discounts and loyalty schemes. This will reduce waste going to landfill and littering our streets as most disposable cups are non-recyclable.

Terms & Conditions

Search the Conscious Cup Campaign map here to find a participating café in your local area. The map identifies cafés who welcome your reusable cup and will offer you an incentive to bring your own.