Insurance Institute of Dublin launch new NxGen initiative.

Jun 20 2018

Insurance Institute of Dublin launch new NxGen initiative.

The Insurance Institute of Dublin launched their new NxGen initiative last Thursday 14th June at The Aviva stadium.

The initiative, is designed to help newer entrants into the insurance sector build their profiles, engage with their peers and provide more opportunities to socialise and network within their local insurance community, through a mix of online and offline events and communities.

Speaking ahead of the launch, committee chairperson Melanie MacDonald said “Networking plays a huge role within our profession. As an industry, one of our key challenges is how can we extend this to newer members within the sector who may not have the same level of interpersonal skills due to the growing impact of technology on our day to day personal and professional lives. We see NxGen as a way of helping our members and the industry achieve this”.

Research in 2017* suggests that entry level professionals were found to value face to face networking opportunities over pure online platforms, with career advancement and expansion of knowledge being cited as two of the main reasons for it. This is backed up by online research from The Institute* ahead of the event showing that 81% of members surveyed felt that networking was important to them and 88% wanted more opportunities to do so.

Dermot Murray, CEO of the Insurance Institute said, “As the Irish general insurance market's educational and professional membership body, we are delighted to support our Dublin council in the launch of this initiative. There are a lot of assumptions out there about a lack of appetite or drive from newer entrants into the market place, but our research, and the member enthusiasm shown for this initiative since its launch, would seem to suggest that some of those are wrong”.

To find out more about the initiative and to join the conversation online, please visit The Insurance Institute LinkedIn page and join the group.

*Research conducted by Professor Julia Hobsbawm, with Editorial Intelligence

**Research conducted through Instagram over a period of 24 hours with 147 followers responses to 3 questions.