Membership Terms & Conditions

By applying for membership of The Insurance Institute you agree to abide by the Membership Terms & Conditions.

These are: 

  • By registering for membership of The Insurance Institute (the Institute), you are also registered to become a member of a local institute - as indicated by your choice of local institute which is indicative of the area which includes your business address. 
  • You undertake to change this preference by accessing your record online or by contacting the Institute. You understand the importance of this preference as it is used to ensure you receive appropriate details of services which are available at local institute level. 
  • If elected to membership of the Institute, you shall abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct and the Memorandum and Articles of Association of The Insurance Institute and the Constitution of the relevant local institute. If relevant, you shall abide by the Charter and Bye-Laws of the Chartered Insurance Institute (“CII”).

You agree that to retain your membership status and in the event that you hold an Insurance Institute or where relevant CII designation that you must:

  • Maintain your membership of The Insurance Institute and where relevant the CII.
  • Fully participate in a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme and comply with all of its requirements.
  • Ensure that you provide The Insurance Institute with your accurate up to date contact details.

You agree that as a condition of your CPD membership of The Insurance Institute and/or the CII, we may provide information on your behalf to the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) regarding your Institute CPD activity.

If relevant, if at any time you cease to be a member of The Insurance Institute and/or the CII, you undertake to return any Institute /CII Designation certificates.

You confirm that you have read, understood and accept the Terms of Use of this website and Privacy Statement.  

You confirm your understanding that Insurance Institute CPD & CII CPD in Ireland is administered by the Professional Standards Committee.