Members are responsible for recording their CPD hours via the iiiCPD Compliance tool. As records can be subject to an annual audit, it is essential to upload evidence of your completed CPD hours.

The iiiCPD Compliance tool allows you to: 

  • record details of completed CPD 
  • track your progress towards achieving your annual CPD requirement
  • record proof of CPD attended/completed, for both III and non-III activities.

As a member of the III you can access the iiiCPD Compliance tool by logging into the III Member Area and clicking the iiiCPD logo. 

Attendance at an III event or completion of e-learning through iiiConnect is automatically uploaded to members’ portfolios and therefore uploading evidence is not required for these activities.

Details of non-III events must be uploaded manually via the iiiCPD Compliance tool with evidence of attendance/completion. To do this simply click here and follow the steps.

All CPD activity must be completed and submitted by 31 December each year; however, if you miss this submission deadline but had all of your CPD hours completed by 31 December, you have one month to submit your annual return, which is due on 31 January.

Having trouble recording your CPD?

The iiiCPD Compliance team are always happy to help. Call us on 01 645 6670 or