To assist you in meeting your CPD requirements, we offer a range of CPD activities, both structured and unstructured, online and face to face. You can also clock up CPD hours by successfully completing Insurance Institute exams and attending technical training events.

Irrespective of the method of delivery, all Insurance Institute CPD consists of highly relevant content, focusing on the latest industry trends, the impact of legislative developments and technical issues.

MCC appropriate content

All CPD accredited by The Insurance Institute for MCC purposes is built around at least one of the knowledge points specified by the Central Bank of Ireland. The MCC also identifies eight distinct Retail Product Categories.

Insurance Institute accredited CPD focuses on the following categories:


Life Assurance


Savings & Investments

Personal General Insurance

Commercial General Insurance

Private Medical & Associated Insurances

Housing Loans, Home Reversion Agreements & Associated Insurances

Consumer Credit & Associated Insurances


The Insurance Institute also accredits content appropriate for those who hold DLA, DLDU and DLDC qualifications. Find out more here

Each lecture and e-learning session is assigned the relevant category/qualification so that you can assess if its content is relevant to your role and thereby appropriate for your compliance requirements.


Members studying for Professional Certificate in Insurance (APA)Professional Diploma in Insurance (CIP) or Management Diploma in Insurance (MDI) qualifications will be awarded 8 hours CPD for each Insurance Institute exam they have successfully completed, provided they already hold an Insurance Institute designation or have been Grandfathered. 

External exams may not qualify for any CPD hours; full course details must be submitted to The Insurance Institute to consider if the subject matter is suitable for accreditation. See The Insurance Institute CPD Rules for further information.